Are there any species based off of Asian creatures? Like dragons or fu dogs?

Yeah, but they probably won’t be posted for a bit - sorry! :(

Is it possible for someone to use magic of a different or even opposite element to their own affinity?

Sure, but they’d be a lot less skilled at it, and it might backfire

Calliope seems very robust. Does she lack all of the basic daily needs a flesh and blood critter has, able to survive anywhere? Her asomnia and 360-degree vision would seem to make it almost impossible for anything to get the jump on her.

She feeds on a very different diet from most critters. She doesn’t fare so well in icy places - they make her limbs start to get stiff! She also doesn’t like going near the ocean itself very much; it’s too salty.

I read that question about hanged men and their new bodies' genitals. Do hanged men even have their own genitals in the first place? They are just floating heads after all.

Hanged men reproduce somehow. I don’t know how, or what sets of genitals this involves, and I’m hoping I don’t have to think about it too much on the account of yes they are just floating heads.

To be honest? I think they probably only have one set of “genitals” and that any hanged man can reproduce with any other one with a functional set of genitals. Does one lay an egg? Do they both? Are they really even birds???

Do hanged men tend to feel “gender” more strongly after possessing bodies whose owners felt gender strongly? It feels like they’d be rather neutral to start with.

These mysteries are beyond me!

Does Flora have telescopes, and a night sky filled with strange and spectacular things to observe with them? Is anything known about the other planets in the system?

It does indeed have telescopes! All the time they’re looking at strange things in the sky that they don’t understand.

They don’t know much about the other planets; they’ve named them and can see them but that’s about it. Well, as far as most are concerned, anyway.

so PK. what are the effects of manticore venom? is it fatal?

This isn’t PK!!!

But to answer your question: it depends.

Is there an area or city that has an East Asian-ish culture?

Yeah but that’s on the continent of Jewell, though I’m sure there are tiny towns growing into bigger cities on Owel made of immigrants

Is it at all noticeable when Cress is doing something like sweating or crying, or does it just blend in with the rest of her body? Can she "bleed" in a way that's harder to reabsorb?

It’s not super noticeable at first but it does happen very, very occasionally. That’d be when she’s getting unstable (as can happen with drops) and it becomes a lot harder to reform in desired shapes when that happens

Are there creatures who have drastically alien psychologies? The Heartbreakers seem to be a likely candidate.

Yep, the Heartbreakers are a good example of that. Moonmen too.

The imps sheet says they're all intersex, but goes on to say they choose their gender at puberty. Do they become that gender, or is it more a matter of what they identify with and how they want to be addressed?

It’s a matter of what they identify with and how they want to be addressed; they don’t really develop secondary sex characteristics like you’d normally expect, so you can’t judge an imp’s gender by how they look or sound.