Is it normal for Rock Candies to wear sunglasses or something due to their eye sensitivity when walking outside? Or is there some other special protective eyewear they use?

That question has already been answered by the Species - Rock Candies sheet!

Do familial connections mean much to demons? I can't help but wonder what kind of sister Angel is to Cayenne....

It depends on the demon, really! Demons are all unique, and not many generalizations can be made about them.

That being said, it’s common for demons to be highly self-interested.

Is asexuality common among drops?

Fairly common! Most drops lose their reproductive capabilities, and along with it goes any desire for sex. Though, some are asexual before becoming a drop — it really just varies.

I am sorry for asking this again but I would know if the 31th of august is the deadline day for the gourmet gauntlet entries to be consider canon. I saw that the community (and me) have troubles with the appointed date. On deviantart you said the gauntlet is in-universe over in september and we can still upload entries. But only entries submit to -august 31?- are judged. Hope you can clearify this. Thanks! And sorry for bothering you again with this ask...

You can submit stuff whenever you like, but only things submitted on Aug 31 and earlier will have a chance to be considered canon

Raphel and Aquila don't really look like the pigeons and eagles that live on earth. So even "regular" creatures can look like something more than their real world counterpart?


Then how do some drops resemble ovens and anvils? Is the shape they take a conscious choice or is it pure chance?

One can only imagine

do drops always resemble existing animals or objects?

Nope! They come in many, many different forms

Are Lionel and the Manticore/Bastian mix on the Manticore ref sheet related in some way?


What's the difference between satyrs and satyrbuns? Or is a satyrbun some sort of mix?

Satyrbun is a mix, but it’s so incredibly common that it got its own name over the course of Owel history. It’s a mix of a satyr and a bunnylop!

I remember a while back, you mentioned it being possible to become a demon. How would this happen?

Many ways, but it kind of happens seemingly spontaneously. A good handful of Topsiders try to figure it out all the time.