It's exciting to see more mentions of Heaven's Keys! Especially that trivia about the Cagroos - so this means people actually *can* go there without being instantly killed or having something come after them? And if the peninsula isn't as bad, does that mean its locales could actually be survivable? I'm assuming both are still pretty horrible, though, and that the expedition team had nerves of steel.

To be honest, those cagroo have probably been there for a long time! Things do live there, after all, but surviving there is very tough. You’ll spend 110% of your energy surviving, and the critters who live there have probably been honed in the art of surviving in that twisted and strange place. The peninsula is a lot less stress-inducing, but it’s still rather deadly. The islands themselves claim such a high amount of researchers and adventurers that it’s hardly worth the trek unless you have some failproof way out.

And even then.

About the "ability to plan/abstract" / "sentience" thing, which as you said is hard to really describe in a short, concise way, you could imagine some scientist in Kadath had already addressed the issue, and created a criteria to solve the issue and ease understanding. You'd write on sheets "[ScientistName] tier : [Tier]" and broaden the criteria's definition over time, without having to rename it every so often. Scientists enjoy standardization after all, don't they ?

I’ve thought about that actually! Way back when I had this issue first, I was thinking about breaking them into tiers. I ended up thinking that would be a good thing to address later, after I already have a couple dozen sheets, and after I start to want to compile them into a book. I know that when they’re compiled for a book, all of the text will be reworked and a lot more detail will be added. Not to mention more/new/different examples will be made. So yeah, I did like the tier idea a lot, but felt like I should wait on it. I’m glad someone else came up with it too! That’s made me more confident that it’s a good direction to take it.

In Floraverse, how sophisticated is technology? For example, do they have transportation by machines or computer-like devices?

There’s transportation by machines, for sure! They have a lot of different takes on cars - there’s no standardized car or anything, and they have a lot of different names for cars, so you can’t go wrong making something up (or just calling it an auto or something).

They have some computer-like devices, yes! But they’re relatively new, and the ones people know about and care about are “compacts” - which are little hand-held mirrors that let you talk to (and look at!) others via turning a dial — so you can “dial” others. Technology for compacts is always getting better so they’re smaller, stronger, etc. Aside from those, however, any computer-like devices for a home.. don’t exist as much. They would in Kadath, or in specific facilities in major cities, but they’re almost definitely going to be tailored to research and nothing too frivolous. Compacts are where frivolous money has been spent, since they’re starting to become more widespread.

What distinguishes a skilled magic user or drop from a novice?

A novice has to concentrate really hard to achieve basic things, and also it would take a lot of stamina out of someone. A skilled magic user knows how to “work with” the magic so that it’s natural and not nearly as draining. A drop usually doesn’t struggle at all with learning new tricks with their element, but a skilled magic user would still need to spend some time to get acquainted with it.

The only thing with drops vs normal magic users is that drops are almost always specialized in the *way* they use their magic — for instance, they might only do physical things with their body, or they might be only able to pull off mental mind tricks magic. This distinguishes them from regular magic users, who would be able to learn and use a variety of spells for the most part (even if they’ll be best at ones that line up with their personality, it usually won’t block them from learning a range of spells and ways to employ magic).

Greetings PK I have a question for you about the old PMD group. Is it Ok if people who liked the story ie Prologues,epilogue comics ,missions ;be able able to save to their computers so they can enjoy them offline. Or are you planning some else with them. Thanks for you time!

People can save all of that to their computer!

Can't help but wonder - is Cupid an angel? I remember you drawing it a long ways back..

Don’t take too many of my old, old ideas as something to show up later. Some will, some won’t! But we have a lot (a LOT) left to show!

Are angels a species? Like, in the way we think of a flowercat as a species? Or are they something that cant really fit into that category or have a sheet for?

They’re not a species you can classify easily. They’re not going to get a sheet anytime soon, but do look forward to seeing more of them!

Are there any species that mate for life?

I’m sure there are, but I haven’t covered any on a sheet yet!

Wait, what's the siren? Does it have something to do with angels??

You’ll find out! Very soon, in fact.